The objective of the AAEP Student Essential Skills Workshop is to provide quality, introductory, yet thorough education, in areas specific to equine medicine as a supplement to the current curriculum available on campus. 

Each workshop, which is funded by The Foundation for the Horse, is designed to provide a solid base of knowledge for students to begin their clinical work while piquing an interest and promoting continued learning in the subject areas. Additionally, the workshops are intended to include faculty participation and foster on-campus relationships with the AAEP.

Workshops are focused towards second- and third-year students pursuing equine practice after graduation. Each workshop consists of lectures and wet lab activities. Every AAEP Student Chapter in good standing is eligible to host one workshop each calendar year.

Workshops are scheduled at the discretion of the AAEP office based on the availability of the instructors and equipment. AAEP member volunteers serve as instructors and the equipment is provided for use during the workshop by AAEP. 

If you are interested in your chapter hosting a workshop, please contact Shelby Mosley,  AAEP Student and Early Career Programs Coordinator at