Each AAEP Student Chapter is responsible for:

• Gaining access to space for the lecture and lab portions of the workshop

• Reserving the applicable number of live animals or cadaver heads/legs for use in the lab

• Submitting the Attendee Sheet to the AAEP

• Coordinating meals during the course hours (AAEP will reimburse instructors for other meals while traveling)

• Guaranteeing that the AAEP equipment is cleaned, dried, packed appropriately, and shipped as directed by the AAEP Student Membership Coordinator

• Ensuring all attendees complete the post course evaluation within 5 days

• Writing thank you notes to the AAEP member instructors, as well as any faculty and others involved in the workshop

Any costs incurred to host the short course beyond travel expenses for AAEP member instructors (i.e. printing costs, cadavers, laboratory classroom cleanup and security, fees for lecture hall, food, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the host student chapter.

The Faculty Advisor is responsible for:

• Assisting with any necessary procedures involving scheduling arrangements of audio-visual equipment, anatomy laboratories, lecture halls, etc.

• Guiding students through the university animal care and use committee protocols

• Following procedures for procurement and use of medications for sedations, etc. for live animals used in the laboratory and demonstrations

• Attending the short course on its scheduled day

The AAEP Member Volunteer Instructors work with the faculty advisor and student organizers to plan the workshop and are reimbursed for travel expenses as outlined in the training program by the AAEP.