The three primary goals of the 2020-2023 AAEP Strategic Plan are focused on the following:

The Profession

AAEP will work to improve upon the current equine practice model in an effort to improve the practice life of its members and retention within the profession. Secondary strategies to this goal will involve further recruitment efforts to satisfy market demand. To view the latest resources that the AAEP has developed to help its members “change the numbers” and transform equine practice. You can view the latest resources¬†here.



The AAEP will continue to provide innovation and improvements in its continuing education offers to members. Key drivers will be to provide member value, return on investment, and community building. Furthermore, the education will be membership-driven and focused on providing education on timely topics and enhancing the member experience.


The Horse

AAEP will strive to improve equine welfare, particularly with the racing and performance horse sectors, through education and advocacy of appropriate business and ethical models of practice, enhanced communications amongst members and their clients, as well as between the association and industry stakeholders.

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