Case Studies

There are no limits to the number of case studies that may be submitted; however, a primary student or first-year graduate author must be identified for each submission. Submissions will be reviewed by members of the Student Section of the SREC for their quality and educational merit. This program will allow students and recent graduates to share cases of interest to their peers and demonstrate initiative to potential employers. In addition, it will provide applicants the opportunity to formally present at the AAEP Convention and may allow students the ability to attend Convention that may otherwise not have been able to.

Cases might include those seen in summer jobs, at veterinary school, or during an internship/externship. The submitting author must have firsthand involvement in order to submit a presentation on the case discussed.

The AAEP Case Study Competition has closed for the 2023 year.

The primary student or first-year graduate author of the three submissions that are selected as the highest quality and educational merit will each receive:

  • $500
  • Complimentary registration to the AAEP Annual Convention & Trade Show
  • An opportunity to present your case during the convention program.
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Potomac Horse Fever: Neorickettsia risticii Enterocolitis in the Horse

Abigail Spike, University of Ilinois
2022 Case Study Winner

horse named Frei

Luteoma and Thecoma in a Warmblood Mare

Kaitlin Frei, University of Pennsylvania, 2022
2022 Case Study Winner

horse named Balaa

A Case of Equine Diabetes Mellitus

Gabriella Balaa, University of Missouri, 2025
2022 Case Study Winner


Surgical Management of Septic Pedal Osteitis

Katherine Miley, a fourth-year student at Louisiana State University
2021 Case Study Winner

horse named Frei

Limbal Hemangiosarcoma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in an Appaloosa Mare

Kaitlin Frei, a fourth-year student at University of Pennsylvania
2021 Case Study Winner


Hemilaminectomy in a 4-Week-Old Clydesdale Foal

Dr. Chelsea Folmar, an intern at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala and 2021 graduate of Texas A&M University
2021 Case Study Winner


Urinary Bladder ​ Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Megan Palmisano, DVM
2020 Case Study Winner

Close up photo of a horse's internal organs held by a veterinarian

Case Report: Colic Secondary to Intestinal Pythiosis in a Thoroughbred Racehorse

Vicky Johnson, DVM
2020 Case Study Winner

horse named Carter

Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis in a Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia Carrier​

Hannah Carter, Mississippi State University
2020 Case Study Winner

horse named cunningham

Case Report: Carcinoma and Lymphoma in a Warmblood Gelding

Elizabeth Cunningham, LVMT
2019 Case Study Winner

Injured horse named Connard

Case Report: Lymphoma in a Thoroughbred

Shannon Connard, DVM
2018 Case Study Winner

Injured horse named Lehman

Clostridial Enterocolitis in a Neonatal Foal

Mallory Lehman, MS
2018 Case Study Winner