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guidelinesAAEP guidelines are created to provide instruction about horse health topics for the practitioner and the equine industry. As such, they do not have the force of law. All guidelines issued by the AAEP should be regarded as one of several tools a practitioner may take into consideration in the context of his or her practice.

All practitioners are encouraged first and foremost to understand and comply with the laws, regulations and standard of care of their appropriate jurisdiction. While guidelines are intended to promote a standard for veterinary practice, lack of adherence to any specific AAEP guideline does not constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

The AAEP can exercise disciplinary action only in connection with its own members and its action is limited to denial of membership in the AAEP.

The AAEP shall have no liability whatsoever for any guideline. 

A committee, subcommittee, or task force of the AAEP reviews guidelines every three to five years and all major revisions are approved by the AAEP board of directors.