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Topics in Ethics

Client Requests

Alleviating Ethical Pressures Faced by Young Practitioners                     Articles in Equine Veterinary Education
By Loni Taylor, DVM

Equine Sports Medicine Fraught with Ethical Dilemmas
By David W. Ramey, DVM

Ethical Considerations for Racetrack Practitioners
By Melissa McKee, DVM

Ethics, the VCPR and Doing What the Client Requests
By David W. Ramey, DVM

How to Practice Ethically and Keep Your Clients
By Sara Langsam, VMD



Conflicts of Interest

The Ethics of Agent Compensation
By Scott Hay, DVM

Navigating Conflicts of Interest and Competing Interests
By David W. Ramey, DVM

Conflicts of Interest in the Pre-Purchase Exam
By Reynolds Cowles, DVM

Resolving Conflicts of Interest at Public Auctions
By Jeff Berk, VMD

What's Really in a Sales Radiographic Report?
By Caleb J. Harms, DVM


Equine Welfare

Altering a Horse’s Tail - Why Not?
By Nat T. Messer IV, DVM


Medical Treatment

Disclosing Medical Errors in Practice
By Amanda House, DVM, DACVIM

Responsible Use of Compounded Medications
By W. Thomas Riddle, DVM

Role of Ethical Equine Veterinarians in Equine Insurance
By Nat T. Messer, DVM; Kenton D. Morgan, DVM; and Karen A. Nyrop, DVM, MS

Treatment Decisions: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Always Mean You Should
By Faith Hughes, DVM, DACVS


Practice Management

Navigating Your Practice in light of Animal Health Company Incentives and Rebates
By Nat Messer DVM, DABVP; Eric Peterson DVM; and Kenton Morgan DVM, DACT

Your Practice’s Bottom Line
By David W. Ramey, DVM


Professional Conduct

Ethical Practice Yields Professional and Personal Satisfaction
By W. Thomas Riddle, DVM

Remote Consulting Yields More Questions Than Answers
By Allison E. Faber, DVM

Resolving Professional Differences with Dignity
By Loni Taylor, DVM

Welcome to the Neighborhood ... or Not
By Melissa McKee, DVM


Referral of Cases

Second Opinions Magnify the Importance of Communication
By David W. Ramey, DVM

The Responsibility of the Referral Veterinarian
By Faith Hughes, DVM, DACVS

The Veterinarian’s Role in Referral of Cases
By Karen Nyrop, DVM, MS