Position Statement Protocol

The AAEP recognizes it is often a major source of information or expertise regarding the practice techniques, ethics and client relations of the equine veterinarian, as well as in defining humane and ethical treatment of horses. Therefore, the following protocol will be used in the development or adoption of a position statement by AAEP.

  • Issues or areas of concern must be introduced in writing for consideration by the board. A concise, complete background of the situation, current status and anticipated outcome must be provided. A length of no more than one page is preferred.
  • A notice announcing the board’s discussion of the proposed position may appear in either Equine Veterinary Education or Spur of the Moment, AAEP’s electronic newsletter. If the board notifies the membership using one of these methods, members will be given an opportunity to comment at least 30 days prior to consideration by the board. No public comment will be allowed during the board meeting, but written comment may be provided for review by the board and must be received at least 30 days prior to the board meeting.
  • If it is determined that on-site inspection is required in order to develop a statement, AAEP will conduct the inspection at its own expense.
  • No position statement may be used as an endorsement or approval of any particular breed, sport, discipline or any other use of the horse, nor as an endorsement or approval of any pharmaceutical brand or instrument, and must specifically address the actual management, care or use of the horse in a specific activity or treatment regimen.

As a matter of policy, the AAEP does not provide endorsements of continuing education programs developed and conducted by other organizations or individuals. Furthermore, the AAEP logo and name can only be used in a co-branding situation where the AAEP has influence or direct involvement with the scientific program content or meeting and only after having undergone review by AAEP.

  • Position statements must be first reviewed and approved by the appropriate committee, prior to review and approval by a quorum of the board. Opinions, not position statements, may be rendered by the board in an emergency situation. These will not become policy statements unless the above protocol is met.

Revised by AAEP board of directors in 2010.

Position Statements

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