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Equipment Marketplace

Below are items for sale by AAEP members. To post an item for sale, create your listing in the My Member Profile/Benefits section of this website. To search for specific categories of equipment, use the search box to the right. 

Please note that although posting equipment for sale is a member-exclusive benefit, non-members can view and contact members to purchase items. 

EquipmentPostedDescriptionConditionYearAsking Price
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021New: Mighty-Ez AAEP SPECIAL! Battery-powered floating motor with Foredom flex shaft - can be used with all standard handpieces (we sell them separately or as a kit). No foot pedal needed - allows you to move with the horse. Lightweight and quiet, but powerful motor attaches to your belt. Handpieces sold separately or as a kit - see for options. This kit includes two long -lasting rechargeable batteries and charger to allow you to work all day by alternating their use! Comes with a Rigid carrying case.New - 6 month warranty, Satisfaction guaranteed. Watch demo videos at Ask for $50 discount for AAEP members!2021$1290
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Molar Spreaders : loosen premolars and molars in the alveolus prior to extraction with forceps, etc. High quality stainless steel - very durable with textured handles for secure grip. NEW: Medical grade STAINLESS steel - 2 year warranty, satisfaction guaranteed2020$239
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021New EzFloat Kit: Battery powered diamond disc float with interchangeable diamond apple core bit, and buccal burr. Two long-lasting 20V lithium batteries with wall charger, grease gun, disc pliers. Fastest DeWalt drill on the market with 3 speed ranges. Easy and safe to use. Disc direction can be changed easily to up or down or any angle. With carrying case. See demo on website. AAEP SPECIAL! $200 discount and free shipping. New: 6month warranty. Additional quick-change shafts for apple core bit or buccal burr available for additional $800 See video and kit on www.EzFloat.net2021$2,595 ($200 discount) and free shipping for AAEP members!
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Incisor Handpiece with guard with diamond chip drum burr - High quality handpiece made for levelling and reducing the incisors; can also be used to reduce canines and rostral hooks.( Can be driven by "key" flex shaft cable on Mighty-Ez, Makita, Dremel, Foredom, etc)New - 6 month warranty, satisfaction guaranteed2021$239
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Rigid Dental Halter : made with a padded solid steel ring core with upper, lower, and side attachment loops for securing the horse's head up, down like a martingale, or side to side, for dentistry, exams, or surgery. Covered and stitched with nicely finished leather over a padded inner layer for the comfort of the horse.New : Made in America - 2 year warranty, satisfaction guaranteed.2021$169
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Canine cup diamond burr - short 90 degree head gives great access to round the canines safely without damaging the tongue or your hand. Driven by flexshaft "key" drive cable. Other burrs can be attached to the handpiece.New - 6 month warranty: satisfaction guaranteed.2021$525
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021EzSpec: by Jerry's: Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Speculum - weighs less than 6 pounds - extremely durable and strong for years of use. Latest technology allows for radiography. Biothane straps are low maintenance and easily disinfected. Safety lock screw gives extra security to prevent accidental closure while working. Optional handle and powder coating of your choice. Made in America by Jerry's Equine Dental. $200 discount off Jerry's price for AAEP members.New. Made in America by Jerry's Equine Dental tools 20212150
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Equine Motorized Float Handpiece with Diamond Disc ( motor and foot pedal sold separately) Can be powered by Mighty-Ez, Foredom, Dremel, or Makita type motor with flexible "key" shaft (as shown in photo) For an extra $50 we can include the Grease gun, tube of lube, and T-wrench. This item could also be used with an "apple core" and buccal burr (these additional burrs, and Makita or MightyEz motors are sold separately -call 703-727-5885 for more info). www.MightyEz.comNew - One year warranty - high quality stainless steel and aluminum shaft/head. Hand crafted in the U.S.A. Servicing available at very affordable rates in U.S. by our manufacturer. Please call with any questions . www.MightyEz.com2020$1315
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Pair of Right and Left 3-Prong molar extractors: medical grade stainless steel with detailed handles for a secure hand grip; very strongly built; great for geriatric extractions and even resistant caps. 20 inches long - can easily reach the last molars.New - stainless steel - 2 year warranty . Guaranteed Please call if you have questions2021$499/pair
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Equine Motorized Float With Diamond Disc. Powered by reliable and long lasting Makita motor, with flexible "key" extra-long shaft, plastic foot pedal - 120v. (240 Volt available for outside U.S.) Kit includes grease/gun, t-wrench for maintenance. This item could also be used with an "apple core" and buccal burr (these additional burrs are sold separately).New : 1 year warranty : satisfaction guaranteed on all components. Additional shafts can be purchased separately for $1275. We service our own equipment. Please call with any questions.2021$1795
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021New MightyEz battery-powered equine dental float motor. Works with standard handpieces, either key or square shaft driven - please specify your choice. (Handpieces sold separately). Has built-in clutch that stops the motor if disc becomes "jammed" by the horses teeth. Comes with 2 rechargeable Lithium ion batteries and charger and hard carrying case. See www.MightyEz.comNew. See for details, pics and videos Call 703-727-5885 with questions. 2020$1290
Dentistry EquipmentJun 14th 2021Powerfloat in very good condition. Corded version. Extra disc and grease pump with carrying case and owners manual. Lightly used. Very good.1495
Practices/ClinicsJun 14th 2021Equine repro/dentistry practice in the Guelph (Ontario-Canada) area for sale. Low overhead, high net/gross ratio. Clients have been hand picked over 30 years for maximum efficiency and profitability. Owner willing to work part time as required during transition and subsequent breeding seasons. On call shared with 3 other local equine practitioners. Excellent opportunity for a veterinarian with a strong interest in equine reproduction to acquire a turn key practice.
Truck/CarJun 2nd 20212010 Honda Pilot LX 4WD 130,266 miles Porta-Vet Colt vet box insert purchased early 2019 and in good working condition back seats not pictured but available other pictures available upon requestFair condition- cosmetic stains interior, cosmetic damage to the exterior driver side2010$8000 OBO
Computer EquipmentMay 27th 2021Purchased new Konica Minolta in Jan. 2016 for our new practice. Upgraded to DR and no longer need. Great2015$15,000
UltrasoundMay 27th 20212017 Sonosite Edge I Ultrasound with Tendon Probe. Used in a Equine only Practice. Practice has downsized and this unit is no longer used. This is a remanufactured systems that has been serviced May 2021 and is in perfect working condition. The transducer was replaced and both have an extended warranty good until 2/08/2022 that will transfer with the Unit. This unit should work with Probes that are a 50 or Reproduction. Will not work with 38 probes. This unit was used very little, was just serviced by Sonosite in May 2021 and is in perfect working condition. Comes with Carrying case, Docking station, Cables, Tendon Probe with Standoff and Sonosite Edge I Ultrasound system. 2017$17,500
OtherMay 19th 2021WelchAllyn 3.5 V Sure Color LED Lamp upgrade kit for Allyn Coaxial Ophthalmoscopes new2018190.00
UltrasoundMay 15th 2021Digital lightweight ( 9.6lbs) large resolution monitor ( 15.6) with color flow doppler and 3 imaging probes. This unit has a long battery life with Wifi and ethernet connectivity. High resolution in a variety of different environments. This unit comes with a tendon, abdominal and rectal probe. Used-very good condition. Lightly used. Comes in a roll away case that can also be used as a backpack/ 2017$13,500
Vet BoxMay 11th 2021La Boit Mobile Medical Unit: Pro 11-Grey 6-Drawer Unit with Fold-Down Work Surface and Top Rail. Poly tub-style drawers with dividers have a smooth pull-out operation for easy access to equipment and supplies. This unit was installed in a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, anchored on a custom-made platform (platform is included at no extra cost). Located in California. Original Cost: $2120.00Very Good Condition (minor marks or smudges)$800.00
Vet BoxMay 7th 2021Stonewell Bodies - Style 8B with LED light and several hanging bins. Good20002750.00