The AAEP is committed to transparency with its members and is happy to make available any association records or documents that any member would like to view, with a few exceptions.  Board minutes, committee meeting records, or other similar documents are available to members by requesting them of the executive director with a stated purpose or intent for such access. Copies will be provided by hard copy format and via mail or fax. These will be provided at no cost to the member unless the request results in an extreme amount of paper, postage or staff costs to assemble and provide. Personnel records or other business contracts would not be appropriate to share as they could have legal implications since they involve other parties. If members have any questions or concerns about documents or records of this nature, they are encouraged to contact the President or Executive Director.

Additionally, AAEP board meetings are open to any member in good standing who would like to attend, provided notice to attend is requested of the executive director at least two days prior to the meeting. Prior notice ensures that the appropriate planning can be made and board materials prepared for any visitors in attendance. There may be portions of the meeting conducted in “executive session”, at which point visitors will need to be temporarily excused. Anyone wishing to attend an AAEP board meeting will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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January 1, 2021