The Uniform Classification Guidelines are intended to assist stewards, hearing officers and racing commissioners in evaluating the seriousness of alleged violations of medication and prohibited substance rules in racing jurisdictions. Practicing equine veterinarians, state veterinarians, and equine pharmacologists are available and should be consulted to explain the pharmacological effects of the drugs listed in each class prior to any decisions with respect to penalities to be imposed. The ranking of drugs is based on their pharmacology, their ability to influence the outcome of a race, whether or not they have legitimate therapeutic uses in the racing horse, or other evidence that they may be used improperly. These classes of drugs are intended only as guidelines and should be employed only to assist persons adjudicating facts and opinions in understanding the seriousness of the alleged offenses. The facts of each case are always different and there may be mitigating circumstances which should always be considered. These drug classifications will be reviewed frequently and new drugs will be added when appropriate.

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  • Guideline


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Publish Date

December 1, 2020

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December 2020