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Week 1: Tuesday, Aug. 4 & Thursday, Aug. 6 

Surgery Meets Sports Medicine: To Operate or Not?

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Deciding to send a horse for an orthopedic surgery is not always a straight-forward decision. This series will discuss what orthopedic lesions should be surgically pursued, surgical accessibility and expected prognoses.  This lecture will give the practitioner take-away knowledge about the surgical decision-making process and currently reported outcomes for a variety of orthopedic lesions.

Moderator: Beau Beck, DVM
Surgery: Kati Glass, DVM, DACVS-LA
Sports Medicine: Sarah N. Sampson, DVM, PhD, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR-Equine, CERP


Week 2: Tuesday, Aug. 11 & Thursday, Aug. 13

Imaging Meets Sports Medicine: The Complexities of Navigating the Diagnosis

Sponsored by   Hallmarq

When the lameness diagnosis requires collaboration to get to the root of the issue, the interplay between clinical exam and imaging findings can be tricky. This session will focus on out-the-door strategies to help practitioners maximize imaging bandwidth, navigate cases with advanced imaging findings and tackle the curve-ball diagnosis through interactive case examples and panel discussion.

Moderator: Luke Bass, DVM, MS, DABVP
Imaging: Kurt Selberg DVM, MS, DACVR
Sports Medicine: Katie Seabaugh, DVM, MS, DACVS DACVSMR


Week 3: Tuesday, Aug. 18 & Thursday, Aug. 20

Internal Medicine Meets Sports Medicine: Working Together to Manage the Equine Athlete

Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim

Managing equine athletes from an orthopedic perspective is not all that’s required to keep them performing at a high level. This session will discuss management of the horse with neurologic, muscle-related, airway or other considerations. Special focus will be given to strategies practitioners can incorporate to most effectively manage complicated cases.

Moderator: Jackie Christakos DVM
Internist: Amy Johnson, DVM, DACVIM-LA, DACVIM-Neurology
Sports Medicine: Elizabeth Davidson, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR


Week 4: Tuesday, Aug. 25 & Thursday, Aug. 27


Rehabilitation Meets Surgery: From the O.R. Back to the Arena – Strategies to Minimize Time Out of Competition 

Sponsored by Equithrive

The field of rehabilitation is quickly becoming proactive instead of reactive to minimize recovery time and reduce re-injury rates following surgery. This session will discuss specific rehabilitative strategies currently used to optimize recovery from a variety of orthopedic procedures.

Moderator: Craig Lesser, DVM, CF
Surgery: Lauren Schnabel, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR
Sports Medicine/Rehab: Caitlyn Redding Horne, DVM, DACVSMR