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Whether you have clients who show English sport horses, compete in Western performance disciplines, or you simply have an interest in lameness, the Sports Medicine track will provide an all-inclusive approach to unraveling mysteries of lameness and poor performance. You’ll refine your diagnostic workup, acquire treatment therapies and explore the rapidly growing field of equine rehabilitation to expedite recovery.

Practical takeaways:

  • Improving imaging and diagnosis of conditions in the distal limb, suspensory, hocks, stifle and axial skeleton
  • Incorporating acupuncture and chiropractic into diagnosis and treatment
  • Treating and rehabilitating conditions of the foot and suspensory
  • Exploring treatment of joint disease with newer therapies such as stem cells, autologous conditioned protein, polyacrylamide gel and next-generation IRAP 
  • Integrating physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques into a horse’s home program

Two half-day, optional wet labs using live horses will provide hands-on training in the procedures and treatments presented during lecture sessions. For each small-group wet lab session, participants will select one of two paths: 

Session 1
(a) Diagnostic Imaging Lab focused on the stifle, suspensory ligament, neck and other body regions, or
(b) Manual Therapies Lab focused on chiropractic, acupuncture and kinesiotaping techniques 

Session 2
(a) Lameness Lab focused on complete workup of a clinical lameness case, or
(b) Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Lab focused on therapeutic exercises, physical therapy modalities, and proprioceptive devices.

You’ll leave the meeting with an improved skill set to efficiently manage lameness cases from discovery through recovery, diminishing the inclination or need to refer to a hospital or rehabilitation facility. 

Presenters: Lectures and wet labs will be led by a distinguished team of practicing clinicians—including several chiropractic and rehabilitation authorities—from both private practice and from Colorado State University, which is at the forefront of equine orthopedics:
Dr. Myra Barrett
Dr. Sharon Classen
Dr. Erin Contino
Dr. David Frisbie
Dr. Kevin Haussler
Dr. Tim Holt
Dr. Brad Jackman
Dr. Sherry Johnson
Dr. Chris Kawcak
Dr. Melissa King
Dr. Katie Seabaugh
Dr. Kurt Selberg
Dr. Melinda Story

CE Hours: Lecture only - 16 hours; Lectures and Labs - 24 hours