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Arthramid®Vet is the most trusted polyacrylamide used in equine veterinary medicine and has been safely used intra-articularly in horses for 10 years. In the USA it is labeled to treat all stages of OA and DJD in horses. The mechanism of action with Arthramid®Vet is different from other PAAG's, by supporting healthy synovial tissue function. This has led to Arthramid®Vet becoming the global polyacrylamide of choice by equine practitioners. We are excited to finally have it in the USA. ConturaVet is the manufacturer and distributor, and Arthramid®Vet is manufactured in our own FDA approved GMP facility in Denmark.


CareCredit, a leader in veterinary financing for 25+ years, keeps equine veterinarians at the heart of care by helping clients manage the cost of their horse’s care with simple, budget-friendly financing options. Clients can pay at the time of service and the practice gets paid quickly. CareCredit also provides a contactless and friendly digital solution that enables clients to learn, prequalify with no impact to their credit score, apply and pay with the CareCredit credit card from their mobile device. By bridging the gap between cost and care, CareCredit supports a healthy financial relationship between veterinarians and horse owners. Together, they can confidently move forward with the recommended care a horse needs, when it’s needed.