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Gain the upper hand on the No. 1 killer of horses at the AAEP’s Focus on Colic, which will instill the knowledge and techniques to help you efficiently diagnose and manage these often-challenging cases.


Sessions will include:

  • Assessing acute and chronic abdominal pain

  • Performing and interpreting diagnostics, including the physical exam, rectal exam, abdominal ultrasonography and abdominocentesis

  • Administering treatment, including IV and enteral fluid therapy, analgesics, laxatives and prokinetics

  • Evaluating surgical options and managing post-operative complications

  • Implementing management strategies for prevention and provision of emergency services

Case presentations and a Q&A session on the final day will reinforce the information presented so that it can be immediately applied upon returning to your practice.

Attendees are eligible for 20 CE hours.


Who’s who: Focus on Colic will feature a select group of veterinary experts who are board certified in one or more areas of surgery, internal medicine, and emergency and critical care.

Dr. Carolyn Arnold                 Dr. Louise Southwood

Dr. Michelle Barton                Dr. Jarred Williams

Dr. Sam Hurcombe


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Event Information

July 16, 2017
to July 18, 2017

Hyatt Regency Hotel
401 W. High St.
Lexington, KY