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ALL papers must be submitted online by March 15, 2022, 3:00 p.m. ET.

Review papers are presented for the purpose of updating the membership on a new subject or for gathering information that may be conflicting.  The aim of the paper is to help the membership put the information in perspective, and to make judgments on conflicting information.  A review paper will not principally present original data.  The goal is to clarify existing knowledge on a subject and help the membership better use the information in their day to day practice. 

Review papers should generally be formatted as described in the “Instructions for Authors of Manuscripts” except where otherwise noted here. The paper should be titled "Review of Some Subject."  The content of review articles should be organized with headings and subheadings that provide a logical flow to the material presented. A “Take Home Message” is required for a Review Paper. The Introduction should define the subject matter and put it in context, explaining why the review is necessary.  The purpose of the review paper should be clearly stated in the Introduction.

Agreement and disagreement within the subject matter should be identified along with the strengths and limitations of the information sources.  Reference should be made to the authors who generally support the opinions stated. The author’s perspective, including his/her own interpretation of the information if it is different from previously published opinions, should be included. The end of the discussion should contain a summary and the conclusion that the author has drawn for the audience, based upon the reviewed data. As with a Scientific Paper, a “Take Home Message” should be provided by the author that summarizes the practical application of the information for the practitioner.

An appropriately complete reference list should be included.  The format for references is the same as that described in “General Instructions for Authors." Review papers should be no fewer than 600 words; no upper word limit.

Illustrations should be provided in the format described in “General Instructions for Authors”.  If previously published material is submitted, including text, photographs or drawings, the author must acknowledge the original source and submit written permission from the copyright holders (author and publisher) to reproduce the material.  This permission must accompany the original manuscript at the time of submission.