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Vet Direct Safety Net

Vet Direct Safety Net: What Horse Owners Need to KnowVet Direct

Would $600 help with an emergency vet bill? 

The Vet Direct Program is designed to help owners in need pay for emergency procedures, like: 

  • Colic that can be managed on the farm (non-surgical)

  • Stitches or staples

  • Wound management

  • Choke

  • Eye issues

  • Neurologic impairment

  • Diagnosis of endocrine issues

  • Euthanasia and disposal, if recovery is unlikely

Think your horse might be candidate for the program? Contact your vet to ask if they’re enrolled in the Vet Direct Safety Net – the process is simple!

It cannot be used for:

  • Colic surgery

  • Vaccinations 

  • Ongoing medication needs 

Need more info? If you are a U.S. AAEP member interested in learning more about the program and how to onboard to participate, click here.

(Note: this program is open only to U.S. AAEP members and U.S. resident clients)

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