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Vet Direct Safety Net

Are there horse owners in your community who need financial assistance with veterinary care for their horse? Vet Direct

The Vet Direct Safety Net may be able to help!

The Foundation for the Horse and AAEP are partnering with the ASCPA to offer a grant program for horse owners in need. The program will help cover costs for:

  • Emergency stabilization procedures as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian

  • Euthanasia and disposal

The process is simple. Once you are onboarded, when you find a client in need: 

  1. Negotiate what client is able to pay

  2. Have client sign the permission form

  3. Treat the horse (please stay within the total $600 limit per horse)

  4. Submit an invoice (grant request) and required data within 24 hrs of the appointment

(Note: this program is open only to U.S. AAEP members and U.S. resident clients)

If you are interested in learning more about the program and how to onboard to participate, please contact Sue Stivers at (859) 233-0147 or

                                                                 ASPCA         FFTH