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Good Works for Horses

Good Works

Compassionate, selfless service distinguishes equine veterinarians as some of the most trusted professionals in America. Many veterinarians volunteer their time and veterinary skills beyond the scope of their daily practice to help horses and the equine community.

The AAEP is honoring its members who have embodied a spirit of service to the horse through the 2019 Good Works for Horses Campaign. Good Works are acts of giving back to the horse, for the love of the horse and the people they touch.

Each month from January - October 2019, an AAEP-member veterinarian will be selected for recognition from nominations submitted by clients, colleagues or community members. 

Good Works may include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteering services or resources at an equine rescue or retirement facility or therapy center
  • Offering free or low-cost vaccinations or veterinary services to a community
  • Contributing funds to support an equine-related benevolent program
  • Participating in educational programs for community horse organizations or equine veterinary students
  • "Equitarian" service local or abroad, including projects in developing countries
  • Assistance to local law enforcement and animal welfare groups

To nominate an AAEP member, please submit this nomination form.  One veterinarian will be chosen each month for recognition, with a grand prize awarded at the 2019 AAEP Annual Convention this December. All nominated veterinarians will receive a letter recognizing his or her contributions.

For more information, please contact Giulia Garcia at or (859) 233-0147.

Good Works Spotlight

January - Dr. Saralynn Specht

February - Dr. David Turoff

March - Dr. Steve Naile

April - Dr. Ginger Reagan

May - Dr. Brett Weseli

June - Dr. Jean-Yin Tan

July - Dr. Sam Crosby

August - Dr. Clara Mason

September - Dr. Tom Juergens