Recent AAEP data indicates that over 70% of the new equine graduates in a given year elect to do an internship.  While not a requirement, many new graduates feel they might benefit from participating in an internship program for additional work on clinical skills and client interactions.

The intent of the internship, of course, is to be an educational experience, and while the hours may be long and the compensation typically less than that of an associate, the experience can be a valuable one and can set the new graduate up for a successful career.

The Internship Subcommittee has developed a number of resources for both the prospective intern as well as the practice hosting interns:

If you are participating in the Avenues Career Night at the AAEP Annual Convention, the subcommittee has also developed the following tools to help you navigate that process.

•     Taking the Reins – Common questions to help you get the most out of your time with each practice.

•    Career Night Feedback Chart – to help you better evaluate the different experiences.

Internships Subcommittee