Veterinary students represent the future of equine practice, and attracting future horse doctors is extremely important to the sustainability of the profession.

Our focus, initially, is two-fold:  Connect private practitioners with current students to share their positive experiences in equine practice; and increase the clinical skills training offered at each student chapter.

Other areas of emphasis will be to share the positive changes occurring in the profession with chapter advisors and faculty to ensure that all mentors who interact with students are aware of the evolving culture of equine practice.  An AAEP speaker’s bureau has been established to provide first-hand perspective about equine practice within the veterinary schools. Click here to register to participate in the AAEP Student Chapter Speaker’s Bureau!

Other areas currently in development are:

  • Working in concert with the Internship Subcommittee to provide guidance for students seeking externships and internships.
  • Ensuring the AAEP Core Competencies guidelines reflect current patient-care needs.
  • Exploring the hosting of regional clinical-skills bootcamps for veterinary students and interns.

In the future, the subcommittee will be developing longer-range plans aimed more at recruitment at the undergrad or even high school level to ensure the health of the profession.

Students Subcommittee