The AAEP, with the support of our Educational Partners, develops client education PowerPoint presentations based on topics in the AAEP’s client brochure series. These custom-designed, ready-to-use presentations are perfect when talking to large groups of horse owners about equine health.

Each presentation can be downloaded to your desktop PC or tablet device directly from the website.

These horse health presentations are endorsed by the AAEP in their current format. Editing or personalizing them in any way is prohibited.

This presentation drives home the message of minimizing colic through proper management, identifying potential problems early and taking appropriate measures to ensure the health of the horse.

Dental Care
Help educate your clients on the importance of regular dental care for their horse.

Disaster Preparedness
This presentation provides your clients with ways to be more prepared for when disaster strikes.

Emergency Care
Help your clients become more familiar with basic first aid and how to prepare in case of an emergency.

Equine Herpesvirus
Educate your clients on the clinical signs of EHV and the steps they can take to prevent it.

Foal Growth
This presentation will help better educate your clients on the fundamentals of feeding the growing foal.

Foaling Mare and Newborn
Help your clients prepare for a safe and successful delivery.

Hay Quality and Nutrition
Evaluating your horse’s nutritional needs and minimizing the risk to your horse’s health.

Inform your clients on the importance of vaccinations and minimizing the risk of disease before it’s too late.

Internal Parasites
This presentation will provide your clients with information regarding internal parasites and the importance of management.

Lameness Exams
Help your clients become more familiar with the signs of lameness and steps to take in treatment and controlling.

This presentation offers an overview of the causes of laminitis as well as prevention measures and treatment options.

Inform your clients the causes of some of the most common neurological effects on the horse and how they can control the risks.

Overweight Horse
Help educate your clients on the importance of feeding a healthy diet to their horse and avoiding the temptation of over-feeding the overweight horse.

Poisonous Plants
All poisonous plants are worth recognizing. The following presentation was developed to identify the 10 most dangerous plants to horses, found within the U.S.

The Expectant Mare
This presentation will educate your clients on how to assure the health and well-being of the pregnant mare.

The Older Horse
This presentation provides an overview of the special care and nutrition for the Older Horse.

Understanding Equine Strangles
Educate your clients on information regarding Strangles.