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Equipment Marketplace

Below are items for sale by AAEP members. To post an item for sale, create your listing in the My Member Profile/Benefits section of this website. To search for specific categories of equipment, use the search box to the right. 

Please note that although posting equipment for sale is a member-exclusive benefit, non-members can view and contact members to purchase items. 

EquipmentPostedDescriptionConditionYearAsking Price
Vet BoxJul 15th 20222003 Bowie Galaxy 8. Original price was $14,000.A little worn due to regular use, overall in good condition. kept up with regular maintenance. 2003
Radiograph EquipmentJul 14th 2022Older portable xray equipment. Includes generator. This unit is corded. Poskom generator PXP-20HF Plus, Panasonic Toughbook with windows 7 and CDXI Canon Control Software. Generator was services by Diagnostic Imaging in 2021 and calibrated. Recently replaced cord that connects plate to unit. Originally sold by Universal Imaging. Entire unit was serviced by Asurion. Works great. No longer need as we upgraded.Used11000
Dentistry EquipmentJul 13th 2022ISO Flexi-float with Ingersoll-Rand base and batteries
OtherJul 13th 2022Domestic Portable RV refrigerator that can be hardwired into truck battery. Purchased in October 2014 to comply with new Florida law requiring powered refrigeration units in ambulatory vehicles. It is perfect for vaccines. It kept meds at proper temperatures in my SUV even in Florida summers. Used for 2 years. New best price is $350.00Excellent2014$200.00 + shipping
Dentistry EquipmentJul 13th 2022Diastema burr set for a Power Float ( $75 new)Excellent - never used2008$35 + shipping
OtherJul 7th 2022Pulsevet with 5mm, 20 mm, 35 mm, and 80 mm trodes, purchased from colleague January of 2020 – it was originally purchased in 2016 but only used literally a handful of times, so practically brand new, was serviced end of 2019. The 20 mm and 80 mm are out of pulses, the 5 mm has I think about 18,000 shocks left, the 35 mm has about 9,000 shocks See above201615,000