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To proactively identify and address issues of importance to equine veterinarians and racing authorities; to provide leadership and expertise on all aspects of racing that affect the health and welfare of the horse; to communicate to AAEP members and racing stakeholders the AAEP’s positions and recommendations pursuant to the welfare and safety of the horse; and to educate AAEP members and industry stakeholders regarding best practices and ethical care of the racehorse.


Jeff Blea, Chair
(626) 836-1688

Board Liaison: Jeff Berk
Staff Liaison: Sally Baker

Dan Duncan
Ron Friedman
Cody Johnson
Debbie Lamparter

Jeff Blea
Stuart Brown
Stephen Dey
Lydia Hamilton
John Peloso

Kathleen Anderson
Zack Badura
Lynn Hovda
Eric Kates
Sara Langsam