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Infectious Disease Committee

To monitor and update disease information on a regular basis for the Equine Disease Communication Center and AAEP websites, as well as AAEP Control & Vaccination Guidelines; and, to make additions, updates and relevant changes as needed.  Additionally, the committee will also serve to evaluate infectious disease issues affecting the equine population and recommend courses of action to the AAEP leadership.

Katie Flynn, Chair
(916) 900-5039

Board Liaison: Leslie Easterwood
Staff Liaisons: Keith Kleine and Bailey McCallum


Barbara Jones
Tracy Norman
Angela Pelzel-McCluskey
Ashley Whitehead

Laszlo Hunyadi
Kerby Weaver

Jacquelin Boggs
Noah Cohen
SallyAnne DeNotta
Katie Flynn
Amanda House
Piper Norton
Abby Sage
Karie Vander Werf

Ex-Officio members:
Nat White