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Infectious Disease Committee

To monitor and update disease information on a regular basis for the Equine Disease Communication Center and AAEP websites, as well as AAEP Control & Vaccination Guidelines; and, to make additions, updates and relevant changes as needed.  Additionally, the committee will also serve to evaluate infectious disease issues affecting the equine population and recommend courses of action to the AAEP leadership.

Sally DeNotta, Chair
(607) 422-4200

Board Liaison: Jackie Christakos
Staff Liaisons: Keith Kleine and Leslie Barlow



Scarlette Gotwals

Tania A. Kozikowski-Nicholas

Gabriele A. Landolt

Kathleen R. Mullen

Emily Christine Nietrzeba

Toby Pinn-Woodcock

Eric L. Swinebroad


Rachel Blakey

Nimet Browne

Sarah Eaton

Jared Janke

Martha Mallicote

Allen Page


Andrea Beam

Brandy Burgess

Sally DeNotta

Krista Estell

Hannah Leventhal

Amanda Trimball


Angela Pelzel-McCluskey

Nat White