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Educational Programs Committee

To provide input to the program chair regarding the scientific program for the Annual Convention and other association CE meetings; to advise on policy matters concerning the Annual Convention proceedings; and to review and recommend action based on evaluations of AAEP CE meetings.

Phoebe Smith, Chair, 2018
(805) 245-0561

Charles F. Scoggin, Vice Chair, 2018

Board Liaison: Amy Grice
Staff Liaison: Carey Ross

Monica Aleman
Scott Anderson
Amanda Armentrout
Carolyn Arnold
Barry Ball
Luke Bass
Colleen Best
Jeff Bunn
Kristin Chaney
Joe Dowd
Lane Easter
Ben Espy
Susan Gillen
Casey Gruber
Caleb Harms
Amy Johnson
Alison Morton
Gordon Plotts
Steve Reed
Grant Rezabek
Kurt Selberg
Jennifer Smith
Mary Swartz
Tracy Turner
Ashley Whitehead
Beau Whittaker
Chris Wilhite
Dana Zimmel 

Charles Arensberg
Heidi Banse
Matt Brokken
James Bryant
Chelsie Burden
Elizabeth Callahan
Michelle Coleman
Rebecca Stinson-Dixon
Jeremiah Easley
Liberty Getman
Casey Gruber
James Hamilton
Kevin Haussler
Karen Jackman
David Levine
Yvette Nout-Lomas
Martha Mallicote
Scott McClure
Rebecca McConnico
Tracy Norman
Gillian Perkins
Korin Potenza
Sarah Sampson
David Scofield
Jennifer Sonis
Travis Tull
Nathan Voris
Carolyn Weinberg