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George Stubbs Award

The George Stubbs Award recognizes the contributions made to equine veterinary medicine by individuals other than veterinarians.  The award is named for George Stubbs (1724-1806), the artist and teacher who played a vital role in veterinary education.  He studied and taught anatomy at York Hospital in England, using detailed drawings as a guide to equine anatomy.  His reference book, Anatomy of the Horse, published more than 200 years ago, is still universally recognized as an authoritative anatomical depiction.

Individuals eligible for this award are those persons who have not received a degree in veterinary medicine and do not practice veterinary medicine.  However, the individual must have been directly responsible for performing an act or acts to benefit the field of equine veterinary medicine in any or all of the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Public Service
  • Volunteer Service
  • Research Findings
  • Product Development
  • Public Policy Development
  • Animal Advocacy
  • Humane Education

The accomplishments may be based on a sustained effort or an extraordinary single achievement.

Nominations will be accepted from current AAEP members only. Click HERE to download the nomination form. 

Past Recipients:


James J. (Jay) Hickey - Former American Horse Council President


Waddell (Dell) Walker Hancock II - Chairman, Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation


Susan McDonnell, PhD - Equine Behavioral Researcher


John K. and Marianne Castle - Philanthropists


Roy and Gretchen Jackson and Michael Matz - Barbaro's Owners and Trainer


George Bagby, MD, MS - Orthopedic Surgeon


Edward L. Squires, PhD - Professor, Colorado State University


Gene Pranzo - Director, The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation


Kenneth L. Maddy - Former California State Senator


Duncan Alexander - American Live Stock Insurance Company


Gary L. Carpenter - AAEP Executive Director 1991-2000


Paul Mellon - Philanthropist, Horseman


R. Richards Rolapp, Esq. - President, American Horse Council (1978-1993)