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Distinguished Service Award


To be awarded to an individual who has provided exemplary service to the AAEP or a similar organization to the benefit of the horse, horse industry, or the profession of equine veterinary medicine.  The award may be based upon a single achievement or a sustained effort in the form of AAEP committee work, service through other veterinary professional or equine-oriented organizations, or employment by the AAEP.  The Distinguished Service Award is designated to recognize outstanding contributions and thus, may or may not be given annually. 

Nominations will be accepted from current AAEP members only. Click HERE to download the nomination form.

Past Recipients:

2023            Julia H. Wilson, DVM, DACVIM
2021           James P. Morehead, DVM
2020           Mr. Keith Kleine
                     Mary Scollay, DVM
2018           William Kent Fowler, DVM
2016           William "Bill" Moyer, DVM
2015           Mr. Brad Mitchell
2013           Harry W. Werner, VMD
2012           Midge Leitch, VMD
2009           Scott E. Palmer, VMD
                    Sally J. Baker, APR
2008           Susan L. White, DVM ACVIM
2007           Gary L. Norwood, DVM
2006           Larry R. Bramlage, DVM MS
                    John E. Madigan, DVM    
                    Claude A. Ragle, DVM
2005           Thomas R. Lenz, DVM MS
2004           Nathaniel A. White, II, DVM
2002           Steve Conboy, DVM
                    J. G. Merriam, DVM
2001           Nat T. Messer, IV, DVM
                    Mr. David L. Foley
2000           R. Bruce Hollett, DVM
                    Mrs. Lucy Kester