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Distinguished Educator Award (Academic)

To be awarded to an individual educator who by his or her actions and commitment has demonstrated a significant impact on the development and training of equine practitioners. Nominations are limited to individuals who at some time during their career served as a veterinary school instructor and who through their ability, dedication, character and leadership have played an important role in the educational and career development of students during their training. 

Nominations will be accepted from AAEP members, constituent organizations, and members of the equine community. Click HERE to download the nomination form.

Past Recipients:

2018                       John A. Stick, DVM
2017                       Peter Timoney, FRCVS
2016                       Dennis Brooks, DVM, PhD, DACVO
2015                       Virginia B. Reef, DVM
2014                       Terry Blanchard, DVM MS DACT
2013                       Frank Nickels, DVM
2012                       Jill R. Johnson, DVM
2011                       Jill Beech, VMD
2009                       John T. Vaughan, DVM
                                 R. Dean Scoggins, DVM
2008                       Timothy R. O’Brien, DVM
2007                       James N. Moore, DVM
2006                       Thomas J. Divers, DVM
2005                       Charles F. Reid, DVM
2004                       Robert M. Kenney, DVM
2003                       Loren H. Evans, DVM
2002                       John Fessler, DVM
2000                       Albert Gabel, DVM
                                 Charles Raker, VMD
                                 John D. Wheat, DVM