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Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee

The charge of the Committee is to review and analyze issues facing the AAEP membership; to formulate and review recommendations relative to AAEP position statements as they pertain to ethical practice; to develop and conduct a review procedure for evaluating complaints and allegations of unethical practice by AAEP members; and to recommend disciplinary action to the board regarding membership privileges.

2017 Committee Members

Tom Riddle, Chair 2017
Dan Keenan, Board Liaison 2018


Nancy Diehl 2017
Faith Hughes 2017
Sara Langsam 2017
Nat Messer 2017
Karen Nyrop 2017
Eric Peterson 2017
David Ramey 2017
Ryan Carpenter 2018
Jennifer Durenberger 2018
Paula Horne 2018
Debbie Lamparter 2018
Melissa McKee 2018
Kenton Morgan 2018
Kelly Farnsworth 2019
Ted Vlahos 2019
Kim Voller 2019