Terason Vet128 UltrasoundThis has been the main ultrasound machine in our equine and cattle practice for the last three years. I was mainly using it for bovine and equine reproductive work. I have a laptop tent that I hang from the squeeze chute for preg testing cattle on farm using the linear probe. This set-up is included in the sale. The low mid frequency curved array probe is great for abdominal and thoracic exams in both horses and cattle. The small convex probe didnt get much use in my practice. All probes function as they should.Treason ultrasound systems were developed at MIT. Each probe is attached to its own brain, which processes the ultrasound feedback data and sends it to the laptop (MacBook Pro). There are some real advantages to performing an ultrasound exam with a real computer. The hard drive can save huge amounts of images and loops, and you can e-mail images and loops right from the laptop. I have also used teamviewer, or logmein programs to have another vet watch my exam in real time over an internet connection. Besides that, its a MacBook, so the viewing screen is big, with great resolution.Battery life is only about 1.5 hours because the MacBooks battery has to power the ultrasound, but you can plug it in and use it all day if an outlet is handy. I do a lot of ultrasounding where there is no power available, so I take a little battery pack along to plug into.Comes with:MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro wall charger, Laptop Tent and all necessary software loaded on the Macbook.Terason 128 4C2 12cm curved array probeTerason 128 8MC4 Microconvex ProbeTerason 128 7L3 Linear ProbeTerason External DC Module (connects the probes to the Macbook)Brushed Aluminum Carrying CaseBought it for $8000 USD three years ago. I added the mid frequency curved array probe. Selling for $6000 USD.

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April 16, 2024

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