Shockwave ESWTWolf PiezoVet 100 focused shockwave: the most powerful and focused unit made, no need to replace the heads like the Versatron as they are guaranteed for over 5 million shocks, single head with “stand offs” to treat from 5mm to 45mm depth, runs quietly and is well tolerated, this thing is a workhorse but I no longer need it due to a practice consolidation, great for suspensories, shins, backs, etc. also great for “trigger point” type therapy

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April 16, 2024

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About 7 years old but like-new conditionGerman made - never a single problemWill hold funds in escrow until you are convinced it works like stated and are happy with the purchaseWas about $45k n

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  • Dr. Lou Solonynka
  • (307)200-1190