NEW! REDUCED PRICE! An old Texas proverb says: Never hire a skinny cook or a carpenter with new tools and all his fingers. If you are planning on starting apractice right out of school, my advice to you is: DON’T DO IT. But if you are stubborn like I was, you might as well start out with some equipment that is reasonably priced and EXPERIENCED, even if you are not. Or, are you hiring a new graduate that you like well enought to try out, but you are a little “iffy” about turning them loose with your brand new truck and digital radiology equipment? Consider this: For starters, a 1997 F-250 4×4 super cab, V8, 5 speed standard with over drive, XLT (that’s full power, air and electric everything), 187K well maintained miles, with Porta-Vet (refrigerator, hot water, many drawers), Hitachi 80/15 X-ray machine, 18 8×10 cassettes, manual processor (don’t be fooled, you can develop 6 films in less time than it takes the “automatic” processors to warm up), cassette holder, dental floats, a small surgical set with emasculator, and a basic set of pharmaceuticals (sorry, no scheduled drugs at this price). This stuff won’t last forever, but it should get you started long enough to decide whether to buy new stuff or start selling real estate with your uncle Delbert. In other words, about 2 years. Add a little tattoo ink and iodine stains to some old coveralls and you are ready to save lives and stamp out pestilence! $14,000 takes all. Will consider delivery if you live in a scenic area. Pics available by email. WILLING TO PAY ONE WAY PLANE TICKET TO CA FROM ANYWHERE IN CONTINENTAL U.S. TO P/UP TRUCK. Serious inquiries only – Reasonable offers considered. 559-689-3343 please leave a message.

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Date Posted

April 16, 2024

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Radiograph Equipment


Will pay for one way ticket from anywhere in continental US to California to pick up truck!

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  • Dr Seamans
  • 559-689-3343