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How to Post Anonymously


In order to post anonymously to the Ethics Talk list, you must already be a member of the list. For instructions on how to join the Ethics Talk list, click here

If you are already a member of Ethics Talk and want to post a message anonymously to the group, you can only do so using the Rounds portal on the AAEP website. You cannot post anonymously using your email program such as Outlook. Follow the instructions below to post a message anonymously:

1. Go to and login if you aren't already. Next, click my communities under the Rounds tab:


2. Scroll down and click on the Ethics Talk link:


3. To add a post, click on the add button:


4. Be sure to select the box for "Post message anonymously"

Box Click

5. After writing out your post, don't forget to click send:


6. This message will display next:


7. When your post is successful, you will see this message:



Please note that is list is moderated, so every message posted will be sent to the moderator for approval first.