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Drug Compounding

Compounding Resources:

The AAEP supports the legal, safe use of compounded drugs and encourages veterinarians to become knowledgeable about drug compounding in order to make the right decision for the horse.

These files are in PDF format which requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This is a free software program that can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Illegal Drug Compounding AAEP Equine Veterinary Compounding Guidelines
Compounding 101 
by Dr. Jim Morehead
Compounding 102 
by Dr. Jim Morehead
Compounding Basics for the Veterinarian 
By Dr. Kenton Morgan
AHI Compounding
American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Compounding Policy

AVMA Compounding 101 Video: Helping Veterinarians further understand FDA's rules and AVMA's policies on compounding

Educational Article Available for Reprint:  Horse Owner's Guide to Drug Compounding

Drug Compounding Reference Sites

Product Comparison Chart

AVMA Drug Compounding Brochure

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Legal and Ethical Veterinary Compounding 

Scott D. Stanley, Ph.D., Professor
University of California, Davis
School of Veterinary Medicine

White Paper: Information on Equine Plasma & Serum Products for the Equine Practitioner 
Developed by the AAEP Biological and Therapeutic Agents Committee