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Private Practice by Regulatory Veterinarians (1993)

The AAEP views as a conflict of interest the participation in private practice by a “Regulatory Veterinarian” at the track where he or she serves in an official capacity.

(Regulatory Veterinarian means track veterinarian, examining veterinarian, commission veterinarian, identifier or any other official capacity in the racing department.)

For the purposes of this policy, the associates in private practice of a regulatory veterinarian are similarly excluded from practice at the track where the regulatory veterinarian is employed.

This interpretation implies no intent to impugn any members who serve in dual capacities; but such conflicts of interest have invited misunderstanding, challenge and untoward public reaction.

Many states outlaw private practice by regulatory veterinarians. In those states where no regulation exists, professional ethics preclude such
conflicts of interest.

Effective January 1, 1969, the AAEP will regard participation in private practice by a regulatory veterinarian at the track where he or she is employed as a serious breach of ethics and may be the cause for termination of membership or other disciplinary action.

A regulatory veterinarian may administer emergency first-aid in the absence of a private practitioner, but such emergency treatment will be administered without fee and the case referred to a private practitioner for further care.

Reviewed by AAEP board of directors in 2010.