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September 5th 2022 11:30pm
(This ad reads better if you copy and paste into a word document and use appropriate spacing and paragraphs,) Have you ever thought of owning your own practice? What has stopped you? Probably the cost is a big one. We felt the same way. We were Performance Equine Dentistry, Inc. P.S.. Our website is still available showing our Equine Dental Trailer being used. We did more than dentistry with that trailer and built our business. However, we have moved on and it is now for sale. Being a mobile vet has many advantages. A vet can build a reputation at a considerably lower cost than renting or building, as his / her reputation grows. We saved our money for an investment later. Mobile Equine Dental Clinic: This veterinary trailer is 24' on floor, 8' gooseneck, 8' wide, 8' tall, Silverado gooseneck trailer custom built for use as an equine dental clinic. Set up with removable stocks, easily accessible and very functional equipment positioning. Water, vacuum and electrical power are close at hand when working on dental patient. Intuitive cabinetry, storage, counter, computer and office space. Powered by a 3000 Watt Honda generator so does not require "shore power". Horse area has dividers so stocks can be removed and the trailer used for personal horse transport, camping or toy-hauler. Comfortable sleeping space in extra-tall goose, sink, heat, AC, refrigerator, hot water, 2 burner cook top, this unit is self-contained for working on the road. We worked as a husband/wife team for several years and have now transitioned to a brick and mortar facility. This is a "professionals" piece of equipment. The attached photos show the trailer with the foam matting before we put the black matting and stocks back in. The trailer is also featured on our Performance Equine Dental website :, and can also be accessed through
Excellent Condition. Appliances are well maintained. Cabinets and closures have been rebuilt. Floors have new 1" foam mats under 3/4' trailer mats. Lights inside and out have been updated to LED lights. Electric brakes, heavy duty axles, trailer roof recently resealed. Needs a 1 ton towing vehicle. This equine dental trailer has been kept in good shape and with our change in practice mode, we are selling it and we want it to be in top shape.
Year Manufactured:
Richard Vetter
360-508-0083 (cell)