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Promoting the Value of Your Dental Services

Dentistry is an integral branch of professional veterinary practice and also one of the fastest growing service areas in equine veterinary medicine. A licensed veterinarian isDental Exam the most educated, accountable and trained individual to provide this care.

According to AAEP market research, however, 26% of horse owners currently use a non-veterinarian for equine dental care.

If your clients do not use your practice for equine dental care, it is likely because of one of three reasons:

  • A lay provider has positioned himself or herself as a more qualified provider of care;
  • Your practice does not currently offer this service and your clients must find other providers; or
  • You offer dental services but your clients don’t know it.

Each scenario requires a different solution.  If you desire to grow your dental practice, we can offer assistance through client education, training and communication.

Join the AAEP as we encourage horse owners to choose an equine veterinarian for dental care. Below are ready-to-use education resources for use in your own practice: social media messages, website and newsletter articles, a client education PowerPoint presentation and more.

Starting a conversation with clients and growing this area of your practice have never been easier.

For assistance with any of these tools, please contact Sally Baker in the AAEP office at or (859) 233-0147.



Note: All items can be downloaded to your personal computer and customized to include your practice's name, contact information and services.