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Performance Horse Committee

To proactively identify and address issues of importance to equine veterinarians and horse show entities; to provide leadership and expertise on all aspects of the performance horse that affect the health & welfare of the horse and the integrity of the competition; to communicate to AAEP members and other stakeholders AAEP positions and recommendations on those issues; and, to educate AAEP members and stakeholders on best practices and ethical care of the performance horse.


Sherry Johnson, Chair
(512) 291-7645

Board Liaison:
Erin Denney-Jones
Staff Liaison: Giulia Garcia


Kathleen Anderson

Liz Barrett

Lane Easter

Sarah Gold

Faith Hughes

Rick Mitchell

Andrea Sotela





Lori Bidwell

Amy Poulin-Braim

Olivia Rudolphi

Stephen Schumacher

Mike Tomlinson


Jeffrey Scott Beshear

Katherine B. Chope

Tegan B. Easton

Sherry Johnson

Lauren Dean Lamb

Rebecca Tees

Gustavo Zanotto