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Performance Horse Committee

To proactively identify and address issues of importance to equine veterinarians and horse show entities; to provide leadership and expertise on all aspects of the performance horse that affect the health & welfare of the horse and the integrity of the competition; to communicate to AAEP members and other stakeholders AAEP positions and recommendations on those issues; and, to educate AAEP members and stakeholders on best practices and ethical care of the performance horse.


Sherry Johnson, Chair
(512) 291-7645

Board Liaison:
Erin Denney-Jones
Staff Liaison: Giulia Garcia


Lori Bidwell

Amy Poulin-Braim

Olivia Rudolphi

Stephen Schumacher

Mike Tomlinson


Jeffrey Scott Beshear

Katherine B. Chope

Tegan B. Easton

Sherry Johnson

Lauren Dean Lamb

Rebecca Tees

Gustavo Zanotto


Ty B. Corbiell

Jenna K. Donaldson

Katie Gore Glass

Ciera Meredith Guardia

Mark Haugland

Lisa Michelle Katz

Peter Kazakevicius

Megan Snyder