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Benefits of Your AAEP Membership

AAEP Membership

How This Benefits Your Practice:

Member-only rates to the world’s premier equine CE events

The Annual Convention, which is the largest meeting of equine veterinarians in the world, hosting over 100 hours of classroom-style seminars and small discussion-oriented forums about equine veterinary medicine and techniques as well as professional development.

The Resort Symposium, a great combination of education, networking and play.

Free Online CE

Obtain CE credits at no cost from the convenience of your home or office using the AAEP Anywhere online learning platform. Most courses are RACE accredited.

Copy of the Proceedings

A $160 value, this is a collection of the scientific papers presented at the most recent annual convention.

Equine Veterinary Education (EVE) monthly research journal

A refereed educational journal designed to keep the practicing veterinarian up to date with developments in equine medicine and surgery (a $140 value).

Document Retrieval Service

Maintaining subscriptions to multiple medical journals can be expensive and, without institutional support, obtaining veterinary literature to research a topic or satisfy your medical curiosity can be burdensome. AAEP now provides you with a complimentary service of database search and document delivery! 

Outrider Mentoring Program

The AAEP's mentoring program facilitates relationships between newer equine veterinarians and more experienced members. The goal is to provide mentorship in non-clinical skills such as career advice and interpersonal professional relationships (not to provide specific case management advice).

Horse Health Articles

Easily downloadable from and available for use in your practice’s newsletter or website.

Custom-designed PowerPoint presentations

Ready-to-go presentations on a variety of horse health topics, perfect for owner education seminars and lay audiences.

A section of the AAEP website dedicated to horse owners.

Tailored to horse owners to provide them with information and guidance including a DVM locator service of our members.

 AAEP Rounds

E-mail listserv groups designed for interactive discussions with your peers about topics within equine medicine. Each Round offers you a forum for exchanging ideas, seeking advice on cases and discussing current issues affecting the profession.

AAEP Member Vet Talk

Solicit or offer case advice through AAEP Member Vet Talk, a private Facebook community with more than 1,400 AAEP-member participants.

Leadership Resource Guide

Access helpful position statements, committee listings and more in this handy online reference tool.

Membership Directory

Stay in touch with colleagues by searching the AAEP's membership database by name. 

AAEP Podcasts

Practice Life is a podcast that discusses challenges and successes in equine veterinary practice. 

AAEP publications, including Spur of the Moment e-newsletter

Electronic communications keeping you abreast of developments in veterinary medicine or policy.

Complimentary copies of The Horse, EQUUS and EquiManagement Magazines

Find out what your clients are reading and stay up to date on popular health topics among horse owners, while staying on top of the cutting edge information offering practical business solutions for equine practitioners, veterinary students, veterinary technicians/assistants and veterinary support staff.

The Internship/Externship Program

An online database where you can post opportunities and receive applications from AAEP student members for internships and externships

Career Center

An online job database to post vacancies or search for new opportunities.

Members-Only Equipment Sales 

Serves as an online portal for selling and buying used veterinary equipment.

The Veterinary Club - A group purchasing program

Discounts on equipment and services allowing members to save $1,000 a year on average.

Vetcove Inner Circle

Vetcove Inner Circle is a purchasing platform which combines the catalogs of members' existing vet suppliers into one enhanced website to assist with supply purchases. 

Vet Direct Safety Net

Vet Direct Safety Net is a grant program for horse owners in need.