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Application Information



Complete the online jot form application to answer the following two essays:
 o  What sets you apart from other veterinary students and how will you impact the field of equine veterinary medicine? Describe what steps you will take now and over the next 5 years to achieve this goal.  (500 words)
o    What leadership skills have you gained as a student member of AAEP and how will you use those in your career. (200 words)

Upload the following REQUIRED documents:
o    Current Transcript (official transcript not required; however, transcript must be current)
o    Resume or Curriculum vitae
o    Clinical Instructor Recommendation, including: Evaluation form and a letter of recommendation
o    Private Practitioner Letter of recommendation

Remember to click “Save & Continue Later” each time to save your progress. AND once your application is complete click the “SUMBIT” button.

After submitting, you can return to this application at any time prior to the deadline on June 1, 2022 at 11:00 PM EST to edit.

Submitting Documents: 

Ensure all documents have been converted to PDF format 

All PDF Documents MUST Follow the following naming format: {LAST NAME, FIRST NAME_document} Example:  SMITH, JANE_transcript or SMITH, JANE_clinical recommendation

Evaluations and letters of recommendations can be submitted by the applicant through the online form (preferred) or emailed to by the evaluator themselves. If the evaluator is submitting documents directly please ensure it meets the following requirements:
o    Use the document naming guidelines as shown above.
o    The subject of the email must clearly indicate the name of the student applicant as well as the title of the scholarship for which they are applying.
o    Any letters of recommendation or evaluation forms submitted need to be condensed into a single PDF document. 
o    Letters of recommendation submitted as the body of an email will not be accepted. 
o    Each document must be about one student only. Letters of recommendation written for multiple students within the same document will not be accepted.  
o    It is suggested that you notify the student when you send your letter/recommendation/evaluation to AAEP. This can be done by copying them on the email or forwarding them the sent email. 

If you are unable to submit the document within the appropriate parameters, please contact the student applicant so that they can format it correctly or select another reference for their application. 

AAEP may receive over 800 documents for a single scholarship and is not responsible for correcting the formatting of any submitted documents. If all of the above conditions are not met by the application deadline, the documents (and therefore the student’s application) may be ineligible for review.