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Frank J. Milne State-of-the-Art Lecture

The Frank J. Milne State-of-the-Art Lecture debuted at the 1997 AAEP Convention in Phoenix, Ariz. Named for AAEP past president and distinguished life member Frank J. Milne, the lecture series features state-of-the-art research on subjects and techniques considered important by the equine veterinary profession. 

2020    John A. E. Hubbell - Moving Equine Anesthesia from an Art Toward a Science
2019    Dean Richardson - The Tao of Equine Fracture Repair
2018    Virginia B. Reef – Straight from the Heart: Untangling the Complexities of the Equine Cardiovascular System 
2017    Padraic M. Dixon – The Evolution of Horses and the Evolution of Equine Dentistry 
2016    Norm G. Ducharme – Equine Upper Airways: Intersection of Evidence-Based Data, Emerging Discoveries and the “Veterinary Art”
2015    Thomas J. Divers – The Equine Liver in Health and Disease 
2014    John E. Madigan – Gumshoe Sleuthing in the World of Infectious Disease and Neonatology: Discoveries That Changed Equine and Human Health 
2013    Sue Dyson – Equine Lameness: Clinical Judgment Meets Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
2012    Stephanie J. Valberg – Muscling in on the Cause of Tying Up 
2011    Noah D. Cohen – Equine Epidemiology: Counting for Something in Equine Practice 
2010    Dennis E. Brooks – Catastrophic Ocular Surface Failure in the Horse 
2009    Larry R. Bramlage – Operative Orthopedics of the Equine Fetlock Joint 
2008    Stephen M. Reed – A Review of Neurological Diseases 
2007    Dickson D. Varner – Revisiting the Perception of Sperm 
2006    Nathaniel A. White, II – Colic 
2005    C. Wayne McIlwraith – Joints, Arthroscopy to Gene Therapy 
2004    Peter Rossdale – Maladjusted Foal 
2003    Alfred M. Merritt, II – Gastroenterology 
2002    David M. Nunamaker – Orthopedics, Bucked Shins 
2001    James N. Moore – Gastrointestinal Disease 
2000    Harold F. Hintz – Nutrition 
1999    Joe Mayhew – The Spinal Cord 
1998    O.J. Ginther – Equine Pregnancy 
1997    N. Edward Robinson – Lower Airway of the Horse