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Emergency coverage is a common stressor for equine practitioners. As the profession grapples with the evolution of this foundational yet burnout-inducing facet of equine practice, innovative emergency coverage models have emerged.

Whether it’s the collaborative efforts of area colleagues who put competitive pressures aside; a clever rotation schedule that allows for a four-day work week in a multi-doctor practice; or the use of a relief veterinarian to provide support, the structure of this core service is transforming so that equine veterinarians can both successfully ensure after-hours client care and enjoy life outside of veterinary medicine. 

The Emergency Coverage Subcommittee has developed the following resources to help veterinarians impleEmergency Coveragement new after-hours policies in equine practice. 

NEW Resource:

Toolkit: Emergency Coverage 2.0 - Innovative Strategies to Revolutionize After-Hours Care

More solutions are available than ever before to reduce the burden of 24/7 client care. The Emergency Coverage Subcommittee developed this toolkit to offer practical guidance and success stories about six models for providing after-hours care: emergency cooperatives, haul-in emergencies, partial emergency care, strategies for solo practitioners, establishing an emergency-only practice, and working as a relief veterinarian. 


NEW: AAEP Practice Life Podcast (July 26, 2023): Strategies from the Emergency Coverage Subcommittee


Forming an Emergency Cooperative:

Emergency-Only Practice Model:

Haul-In Emergencies Model:

Partial Emergency Coverage:

Strategies for Solo Practitioners: